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Lusikisiki Matriculants assisted with Online application

“Making education fashionable in the rural areas became a ‘norm’ between Lusikisiki Youth Foundation and ILANGA Internet Café at Lusikisiki”

The matric class of 2018 achieved an overall pass rate of 78.2% with Eastern Cape province having achieved 70.6% matric pass rate, an improvement of 5.6% from 2017, which is the largest improvement in the country. The 70.6% matric pass rate has put Eastern Cape province at spot number eight (8), being the second last followed by Limpopo which was the only province to get below the 70% threshold, achieving 69.4%.

Being the province with the highest rate of unemployment and highest number of rural areas, the Eastern Cape youth is determined to develop its youth counterparts by assisting each other in getting educated as much as needed to get a better life. It is the youth of Lusikisiki that took it in their minds and hands to make education a ‘purpose’ to others in the province. On the 7th of January 2019 it was a ‘bridging gap’ action by Lusikisiki Youth Foundation (which is a non-profit organisation aiming to be a youth centre whereby it helps youth to access relevant updated information and data) and ILANGA Internet Café (which is a company providing information communication technology services in emerging and rural communities mainly operating in Lusikisiki).

On the 7th of January 2019, ILANGA Internet Café was filled with long queues of prospective tertiary students queueing to get assisted, by Lusikisiki Youth Foundation, to apply for tertiary education. Prospective tertiary students were assisted to submit matric results, accept or reject offers, apply for a place of study, registration, funding application finalization and follow up on the admissions to the tertiary institutions of choice. The announcement made on Facebook by Bonga Malindi, Executive Member of Lusikisiki Youth Foundation, on the 5th of January 2019 stating that prospective tertiary students who need assistance shall report to ILANGA Internet Café on the 7th of January 2019 at 09:00 AM proved to be a success as more than 85 prospective tertiary students showed up to be assisted.

Again on the 8th of January 2019, the same assistance was provided to the prospective tertiary students who needed help with their tertiary institution admission matters and others. With the help of ILANGA Internet Café and Lusikisiki Youth Foundation, the youth of Lusikisiki who were looking for opportunities to further their studies was filled with hope by these two phenomenal organizations when they were provided guidance as to the way forward in order to get admission to the tertiary institutions. “If we can continue to operate like this by working together to put more learners from our rural communities to tertiary institutions then we will be creating a prestigious legacy for our societies.” said Sandiso Sinaze, ILANGA Internet Café Founder and Managing Director after giving words of appreciation to the executive members of Lusikisiki Youth Foundation.

It is the collective actions like these that South Africa needs for it to go forward. South African youth need to have a collective goal with a collective action to achieve that goal. The slogan “making education fashionable” started making waves on social media around 2014 and still today the slogan is making waves but with a practical impact. After an impactful discussion between the ILANGA Internet Café Founder and Managing Director and the executive members of Lusikisiki Youth Foundation, these organizations noticed that they have a similar goal to help the youth from Lusikisiki communities to get to tertiary institutions to further their studies.

These two phenomenal organizations decided to help each other by working together starting from 2019 in order to help more youth using combined resources so that the execution stage can be easy. This was proved by when the ILANGA Internet Café Founder and Managing Director granted the executive members of Lusikisiki Youth Foundation with a computer lab to exclusively use it both on the 7th and 8th of January 2019 in assisting the Lusikisiki youth needing help with the tertiary institution admission matters. Making education fashionable in the rural areas became a ‘norm’ between Lusikisiki Youth Foundation and ILANGA Internet Café at Lusikisiki as they plan to work together going forward.